Who We Are?

Divine Dulcet® is a collective of endless, one-of-a-kind jewelry designs.
At Divine Dulcet, we strive to create empowered pieces that will help you bring out your inner glow so you can look and feel confident.

In addition to being responsible and friendly with the environment and the labor ecosystem.
Each of our creations is handmade in our atelier with materials we get from local suppliers, that way we ensure that our jewelry is high quality and its production is free of labor exploitation, to supporting the economy of our country and local people.

We try to keep our production as human and handcrafted as possible, that’s why we pride ourselves on being a brand of fine and sustainable jewelry made 100% in Croatia.

A Little of Our Story

Divine Dulcet was founded in 2020 by a a Peruvian digital nomad, Katherine Michelle.
After finishing her university studies, travel around the world and settle in Europe, she found herself in a new place and with the opportunity to invest in her own business
Due to her passion for jewelry since childhood and her knowledge in business she decided to venture out and create unique jewelry that will highlight and empower its wearers across the world.

“We all have a unique inner glow that makes us special, Divine Dulcet helps you bring it out.”

With devotion and much practice, Katherine claimed space for Divine Dulcet within the jewelry industry with her elevated designs.

If you take anything away from her story, it’s that each piece is handmade with love and inspired by the strength and beauty of the people she has met and continues to meet around the world.




Satisfied Customers Worldwide

Thanks to the great acceptance and love of our customers we have experienced exponential growth in our first 2 years of existence.
Each of our clients are very special to us and we hold them in a very special place in our hearts.

Thank You All! ♡




Growing Fast

Our great and fast growth has allowed us to expand and take our jewelry around the world.
We are being joined by more and more business partners and retailers who sell our jewelry both online and in physical boutiques at various points within Europe.

Our dream is still alive and growing.


Self love, Empowerment and Compassion.

18 Karat / 24 Karat gold sustainable jewelry handmade with love in our atelier in Zagreb – Croatia.

We create unique and empowered jewelry.
“We all have a unique inner glow that makes us special, Divine Dulcet helps you bring it out.”

We work with high quality materials from local suppliers, supporting national economy and local people.

Est. 2020